Vegie Delights

“Well done on such a vast range of vegetarian Products. Ever since I discovered your products I knew that I had found seventh heaven. Taste, texture and value for money, out classes the opposition. Have been a vegetarian all my 67 years . Finally have some decent food to enjoy. Well done.”

“Thanks for the letter re the updated recipe and processes for your veggie de-lights bacon rashers, and thanks for the Coles gift card!!!! I love your veggie delights range and have now tried all your new frozen range. LOVE them all. As a vegetarian I am stoked to have this range available :-)”

Naked Locals

“There is NO WAY I could ever eat tinned soup again. It is so full of sugar. Your soup is absolutely amazing with a true tomorrow taste.”

“I like these Naked Locals soups. The veggies are sourced from Aussie farmers with good amounts of fibre and veggies. My mushroom soup today started its life with mushrooms from Windsor grown by a man called David – I think that’s pretty cool!”

“These wonderful soups didn’t last long in our house, gone in a jiffy: full of flavour we recommend if you go for wholesome flavour!”

“Naked Cuisine soups are just “souper” delicious…the packs are easy to open and only a few minutes in the microwave gives a hearty filling soup…so far we have tried pumpkin and the tomato ones…can’t wait to try the other varieties.”

Bean Supreme

“Thanks for your continued great products for vegetarians. You make my life so much easier.”

“I tried the Bean Supreme Meatballs last night (with Spaghetti) and they are awesome! Can’t wait to try more from their range.”

“I’ve long been a fan of Bean Supreme soy goodies because they are so quick and easy – perfect for those busy weeknights. They are affordable and really easy to prepare. My favourites are the meatballs in tomato sauce which I like with wholemeal pasta and the garlic sausages which are excellent with sweet potato mash and steamed veg.”

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